early square dial lacquer longcase in very original condition. circa710 (c. 1705 England)

early square dial lacquer longcase in very original condition. circa710
Title early square dial lacquer longcase in very original condition. circa710
Country of Origin England
Dated c. 1705
Medium Lacquer
Signed/Inscribed/Dated John Marshall London
Condition very good. minimal restoration
Dimensions 206.00cm high (81.10 inches high)
Status SOLD
Description / Expertise

D108. John Marshall, London, circa 1705. A very good example of an early lacquer longcase clock with fine and very well preserved decoration.

The flat topped hood, with applied columns and wooden capitals, has gilt floral decoration around the top of the hood and the two sides, which are partially glazed. There is a concave
mould to the top of the trunk with floral decoration which is carried down the sides.

The trunk door, with a half round mould to its border, is surrounded by two gilt lines with foliate decoration between them. The decoration to the door is beautifully designed and very well executed and is in substantially original condition. The case was very carefully cleaned back, revealing much fine detail such as the fruit on the trees and the delicately painted foliage but no attempt was made to replace any of the missing decoration.

In the top half of the door, above the glazed brass lenticle, is a building with latticework to the base and bearing bells. Above it is a tall flag . To either side of this are trees, that on the left with very delicate foliage whilst the one on the right has pointed leaves and red fruit, possibly cherries. In front of the building are a Chinese man and woman. The lower half of the door features a well executed man on horseback who is holding a parasol. To either side of him are further trees bearing red fruit and below possibly a pond. The base, panelled by a gilt line, concave to the four corners, features another building carrying bells with trees to either side. The decoration to the bottom of the base panel has been left somewhat distressed and there has been some strengthening of the inside of the bottom of the case.

The eight day rack striking and repeating movement has a fine 11" square dial with well executed crown and twin cherub spandrels. The chapter ring has outer arabic minute numerals and inner roman for the hours with delicately engraved and most attractive half hour marks. The inside of the ring is quartered . The matted dial centre has a seconds chapter with ringed centre and the winding holes are also ringed. There is a particularly well executed cartouche around the date aperture, which is above V1. Interestingly the cartouche used around the date aperture and the half hour marks are the same as those used on Tompion number 480 and at least one other and may well have been executed by the same engraver.

When received by us the dial, whilst quite heavily tarnished by age and without any silvering , was, in our opinion, most attractive in its present state and toned in well with the case and so we have left it as it is. The hands, whilst correct in style, are replacements.The lead weights, still with their brass caps, have lost their brass sheathing and now appear a tarnished brass colour. The fine winding key, which fits the square perfectly, is probably the original.

John Marshall, a good maker, was born in 1668 and apprenticed in 1682, initially to Samuel
Rouse and then passed over to Daniel Quare, gaining his Freedom of the Clockmakers Company in 1689-90 but did not take his oath, probably because he was a Quaker. In 1694 he advertised as “ watchmaker at the Rainbow Coffee House in Cornhill nr Birchin Lane, but by 1695 he had moved to “ Against the Royal Exchange in Cornhill”. He took as apprentices Jan 1693, Thomas Stephens - free 1702 and in September 1698 Westeneys Law ( son of Stephen Law ). In Dec 1698 he and his wife Rebecca took Elizabeth Symonds apprentice ( as a maid ). Also bound over an apprentice for George Graham in 1720. Work known, longcase clocks and, according to Baillie, inventor of “The Magic Night Watch”
Height: 6' 9" ( 206cms ) £9,500.

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