Carriage clock with a dial in multicoloured relief work (c. 1888 France)

Carriage clock with a dial in multicoloured relief work
Title Carriage clock with a dial in multicoloured relief work
Country of Origin France
Dated c. 1888
Classification RICHARD & CO, LONDON (worked c.1880-1890)
Condition Excellent
Dimensions 7.50inch high (19.05 cm high)
Status SOLD

Presented to Miss Annie Palmer 1888. Full provenance.

Description / Expertise

D208. This carriage clock, which has one of the finest dials we have encountered, being executed in multi-coloured relief work in gold and various other metals, was presented to Miss Annie Palmer by the congregation and choir of Dudley church on the 21st of May 1888. A full history of Annie Palmer and her family accompanies this clock.

These beautifully executed dials, which are described in Carriage & other travelling clocks
by Derek Roberts, pages 160 & 161, must have required a high degree of skill and been very time-consuming to produce.

The gilded chapter ring has roman numerals and the rest of the dial has floral decoration set against a finely matted black background. Surrounding it is further floral decoration with the stems in gold and the leaves in a fairly dark copper. The flowers are beautifully executed in very fine detail, with finely engraved silver petals and a gilt centre. To the bottom is a very
fine silvered flower head and to the right of this a bird landing on a twig.

The movement, with silvered platform, strikes and repeats the hours on a gong. It is numbered on the backplate 391, as is the original key and bears the stamp of Richard and company. It is also marked in an oval Brevete SGBG.

The original velvet lined leather travelling case bears the label of Jacob & Ross, Winchester.

Ht with/without handle:- 7.5"/ 6". (19/15.3cms. £4,750.

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