Wall regulator by Dent with gridiron pendulum, circa 1850 (c. 1850 England)

Wall regulator by Dent with gridiron pendulum, circa 1850
Title Wall regulator by Dent with gridiron pendulum, circa 1850
Country of Origin England
Dated c. 1850
Medium Mahogany
Signed/Inscribed/Dated Dent London No 707.
Condition very good
Dimensions 152.00cm high (59.84 inches high)
Status SOLD
Description / Expertise

D289. Dent. London. No707. An 8 day mahogany wall regulator with gridiron pendulum, circa 1850.

This regulator has the simple and classic rectangular mahogany case with glazing to either side at the top, which was favoured by Dent for many years. A very substantial cast iron bracket is fixed to the back-board, a feature of many of Dents regulators and this supports both the pendulum and the movement which is held in place by two heavy brass bolts.

An unusual but attractive feature, which we cannot recall seeing before on any other Dent regulator, is the use of a finely executed nine rod gridiron pendulum with a very heavy lead filled and brass faced bob some 7.5" (19cms) in diameter. There is a pointer to record the reading on the regulating nut and another at the bottom of the pendulum to indicate the arc of swing against a silvered degree plate mounted on a mahogany block.

The five pillar movement has a dead beat escapement; maintaining power and provision for putting the clock “In Beat”. The plates have a damascened finish, as was favoured by Dent at that time, and the top corners are champhered. A pulley is provided to lead the brass weight down the side of the case. The silvered dial, some 9.5" (24cms) in diameter including the bezel, has roman numerals for the hours and with divisions for the minutes. There is a seconds dial below 12. In the lower half of the dial it is signed. “ Dent, London. Clockmaker to the Queen. No. 707.

Length 60" (152cms.)

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