walnut regulator. one owner from new (c. 1865 England)

walnut regulator. one owner from new
Title walnut regulator. one owner from new
Country of Origin England
Dated c. 1865
Medium Walnut
Condition Excellent
Dimensions 182.00cm high (71.65 inches high)
Status SOLD

One owner from new

Description / Expertise

D305. This Victorian arched top regulator is almost certainly the most attractive we have had, being veneered in finely figured walnut of good colour and patination and standing just under 6 ft high . It comes with considerable documentation and has been in the ownership of one family from new. It is signed on the dial A.R.Trewinard ( one of ten Trewinards recorded) who is noted in Loomes as working circa1860. Accompanying
notes suggest that the cost of it at that time was £57-10-00. Plus £2-50 for the jewelling.

The arched top case has an inspection hatch at the top to assist with setting it up and putting it “in beat”. There are also cut-outs on either side of the seat-board. The inside of the backboard is decorated with highly figured walnut as is the recessed panel to the base.

The silvered brass dial some 12" in diameter has a conventional regulator layout with an outer
ring with arabic numerals for the minutes and large seconds and hour dials. There is a silvered brass bezel.

The movement, with four pillars, screwed to the back and pinned to the front, has substantial plates some 7.5" x 5.5". Maintaining power is provided; the wheel-work has four crossings
and the pallets are jewelled. The mercury compensated pendulum, suspended from a
heavy bracket fixed to the back-plate, has a suspension which provides beat regulation. An ivory beat-scale is provided; the pulley, with six crossings, is an attractive feature and the winding key, with some damage, is thought to be the original.

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