A exceptionally fine carriage clock in muti-coloured relief work (c. 1880 France)

A exceptionally fine carriage clock in muti-coloured relief work
Title A exceptionally fine carriage clock in muti-coloured relief work
Country of Origin France
Dated c. 1880
Condition Excellent
Dimensions 14.00cm wide (5.51 inches wide)
18.20cm high (7.17 inches high)
Status SOLD

1.Carriage clocks by Derek Roberts Fig 9-38
2. A century of fine carriage clocks by Fanelli. Page 39.

Description / Expertise

D299. The superb case of this carriage clock must have been extremely demanding to make, both with regard to the very high levels of skill required and the enormous amount of time which had to be devoted to producing it. Initially a very detailed design had to be laid out and once all the birds, butterflies, foliage, flowers, etc demarcated
the entire back-ground around them removed. Finally, when this had been achieved, the birds, flowers and foliage were engraved.

The case was now ready for plating. Initially it was covered in just one colour ( or one shade of gold). The items which were to remain that colour then had to be protected from any further plating by a varnish or lacquer, an amazingly demanding thing to have to do. The next colour was now deposited and the same process repeated until all the raised decoration was finished to the right colour. Should you make just one mistake then you have no choice but to go back to the beginning and start again.

This process must have been very difficult, even for the main panels, but around the base and on the handle, for instance, where the detail is much finer, it would have been even more demanding.

A very similar clock to the one shown here is to be seen in “A century of fine clocks” by Fanelli, page 39 and another is to be seen in Carriage Clocks by Derek Roberts. Fig 9-38., but in this instance the side panels have been omitted. Similar but much less detailed examples are to be found such as that in fig 9-37 of Derek Roberts book.

The good quality striking and repeating movement is numbered 2877.

Ht with/without handle. 7.2" / 5.5" (18.2/14 cms)

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