French Mystery clock (c. 1875 France)

 French Mystery clock
Title French Mystery clock
Country of Origin France
Dated c. 1875
Classification A R GUILMET, PARIS (worked c.1870-1900)
Signed/Inscribed/Dated GLT SGDG 1213
Condition Very good
Status SOLD

Derek Roberts Mystery, Novelty & Fantasy clocks.Pages 241 to 252

Description / Expertise

D165. A mystery clock by A.R.Guilmet; signed by him on the backplate GLT . It is numbered 1213 and bears the mark, SGDG, which refers to his patent.

This fascinating series of clocks were first designed and patented in 1867 with subsequent improvements being incorporated in 1872 and 1874. Their fascination lies in the fact that there is no apparent impulse being received by the pendulum to keep it in motion or for it to control the timekeeping of the clock. This is achieved by the imperceptible rotational movement of the platform on which the statue rests. An ingenious escapement, known as a crank and stirrup, is used for this purpose.

The rectangular black slate case has lions head carrying handles to either side and rests on elaborate claw feet. There are brass moulds between the three sections of the case and a substantial moulded brass ring surrounds the base, numbered 1889 on which the draped bronzed spelter figure rests. The pendulum, suspended from the outstretched arm, has a glass bob surrounded by a gilt bezel.

The gilt roman numerals of the dial are incised into the black slate. Surrounding the dial is an elaborate gilded bezel.

For further details of these clocks the reader is referred to Mystery, Novelty & Fantasy clocks by Derek Roberts, pages 241 to 252.

Height 27" (69 cms.). £7,350.

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