Industrial clock based on a steam hammer (c. 1875 France)

 Industrial clock based on a steam hammer
Title Industrial clock based on a steam hammer
Country of Origin France
Dated c. 1875
Classification A R GUILMET, PARIS (worked c.1870-1900)
Condition Excellent
Dimensions 36.00cm wide (14.17 inches wide)
46.00cm high (18.11 inches high)
Status SOLD

Mystery, Novelty & Fantasy Clocks by Derek Roberts Schiffer Books. ISBN 0-7643-0873-4 Fig 22-27

Description / Expertise

D215. This is one of the largest, most complex and fascinating Industrial to have been made, probably by Guilmet, circa 1880 and is decorated in a variety of different metallic finishes.

It is based on a steam pump with the boiler below flanked by the furnaces to either side. Rising up from the boiler is a connecting rod which rotates the large fly-wheel and also the governor consisting of two balls suspended by pivoted steel rods. In the original, as the speed of rotation increases the balls are thrown outwards, which in turn regulates the speed at which the fly-wheel rotates. On this model a lever on the right may be used to lock the fly-wheel. On its release the wheel, with maybe a little touch, depending on the state- of- wind, starts rotating and, if fully wound, will continue to do so for around two hours.

A timepiece is mounted above the furnace on the left. The gilded centre of the dial bears Chinese writing which would indicate that this piece was exported to that country. The silvered chapter ring has roman numerals. To the right is an anaeroid barometer calibrated 27-31 and inscribed stormy, rain, change, fair and very dry with presumably the Chinese equivalents beneath them

The whole rests on a rouge-marble base with heavy shaped and gilded block feet. Above is a diamond patterned silvered platform. The brick fronts of the furnaces are finished in copper with grey steel coloured fluted columns to either side. Six similarly finished fluted corinthian columns rise up from this to an upper platform on which the governor and silver blue fly-wheel rests.

Height:- 18.3" (46.5cms)
Width:- 14". ( 36cms.)

For a detailed account of Guilmet and the Industrial clocks see:-

Mystery, Novelty and Fantasy Clocks by Derek Roberts. Chapters 21 & 22. Schiffer, Atglen, USA.

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