Complex perpetual calendar equation clock (c. 1870 France)

 Complex perpetual calendar equation clock
Title Complex perpetual calendar equation clock
Country of Origin France
Dated c. 1870
Classification ACHILLE BROCOT, PARIS (1817-1878)
Signed/Inscribed/Dated Achille Brocot
Condition Excellent
Dimensions 17.50cm high (6.89 inches high)
Status SOLD
Description / Expertise

D155. An exceptional French Striking table regulator incorporating full perpetual calendar work for the days of the week, month and year and separate dials showing the “Equation of Time” (sun slow/sun fast) and the times of sunrise and sunset. It is signed by Achille Brocot and also by the retailer, the eminent clockmaker J.W.Benson. Circa 1870.

This is the best example we have seen of a small number of complex table regulators made in France in the third quarter of the 19th century and is illustrated in Precision Pendulum Clocks. (1). They are usually in substantial gilt metal cases, often of “four glass” form, use visible escapements, sometimes rare ones, and incorporate full perpetual calendar -work, as devised by Achille Brocot, (1817-78) an eminent mathematician, as well as a clock-maker.

The present clock is exceptional in having a cut out sector to the bottom of the dial where the “Equation of Time” is displayed and this is flanked on either side by dials giving the times of sunrise and sunset.

The very substantial case has an arched top and rests on a stepped base. The main dial , with roman numerals, has a recessed centre with the Brocot escapement below 12o’clock and above 6 o’clock is the aperture showing the moon’s age. Benson’s signature is in the centre.

All the dials below the main one are surrounded by a superbly engraved and gilded mask. To the top left and right are shown the days of the week and month and to the centre below these are displayed the months of the year with their zodiacal sign whilst the hand bears a representation of the sun.

Below again and to either side are shown in roman numerals the times of sunrise and sunset whilst in the centre is a cut-out in the form of a sector with central hand, graduated sun slow -sun fast. 16-0-16.

Both parts of the movement ( time and calendar) are inter-linked and numbered 2778. They also bear the stamp of Achille Brocot, AB within a star. A grid-iron pendulum is employed.

Height:- 17.5" (45 cms.)

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