A very impressive multi-dialled bracket clock Payne & Co 163 New Bond Street. (1856 England)

A very impressive multi-dialled bracket clock Payne & Co 163 New Bond Street.
Title A very impressive multi-dialled bracket clock Payne & Co 163 New Bond Street.
Country of Origin England
Dated 1856
Condition Excellent
Dimensions 90.00cm high (35.43 inches high)
Status SOLD
Description / Expertise

D417. Payne & Co 163 New Bond Street. A very impressive multi-dialled bracket clock which is virtually identical with a clock commissioned by the Sultan of Turkey, that was displayed at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851.It displays both mean and astrological time, the latter being required by astrologers to forecast someone’s future, together with their date and place of birth.

This extremely impressive bracket clock, standing nearly 3 ft high is veneered in finely figured Amboyna of a most attractive colour. The four corners of the base are canted at 45 degrees to the body of the case as are the beautiful scroll mounts alongside it, which are surmounted by substantial (4") gilded finials covered with floral decoration.

A brass mould separates the base of the clock from the body. There are magnificent and very substantial cast frets to either side of the case and the four sides. The main part of the case has a brass mould.

The dome to the top is beautifully executed and is surmounted by a most impressive and elaborate finial some 6" high. The base of the dome is divided into four sections, each finely cast, chased and gilded. The back door has a large silk backed fret to let out the sound of the eight bells. The height of the clock, including the top finial, is 35.5" (90 cm).

The engraved and silvered brass dial, some 13" by 9", has fine engraving between the main and subsidiary dials. In the arch is a rotating sphere representing the moon, one side silvered and the other black and above it is a rotating disc , silvered to one side and the other black, indicating the age of the moon. Below it is a small aperture for insertion of a key to set the moon accurately.

To the top left of the body of the dial is chime/not chime regulation whilst to the top right is
fast/slow. Immediately below 12 o’clock is a large aperture which reveals the disc displaying astrological time together with the signs of the Zodiac. To the right below the fast/slow keyhole dial is the square for setting the equation work. To the bottom of the dial are subsidiaries for the days of the week, the days of the month and the months of the year.

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