carriage clock made for Japanese market with fine metal panels (c. 1890 France)

carriage clock made for Japanese market with fine metal panels
Title carriage clock made for Japanese market with fine metal panels
Country of Origin France
Dated c. 1890
Medium metal
Condition very good
Dimensions 16.00cm wide (6.30 inches wide)
19.00cm high (7.48 inches high)
Status SOLD

A century of Fine Carriage clocks Fanelli Item 5

Description / Expertise

D 409.
A rare carriage clock with beautifully executed metal panels, made for the Japanese market by Achille Brocot. Circa 1890.

We could find no similar carriage clock in Allix & Bonnert or our own book on carriage clocks; however, one appears on pages 22 & 23 ( Item 5 ) of ‘A Century of Fine Carriage Clocks’ by Joseph Fanelli.

The clock, signed on the backplate AB in a star, strikes and repeats on a gong. The silvered chapter ring which has Roman numerals, is signed by the retailers Schuyler, Hartley & Graham, New York who started trading in 1854, about which much has been written. The firm was active between 1854 and 1950. Their main business was the supply of arms, both in the Civil War of America and afterwards. Further details of the company are available upon request.

The execution of the panels and dial, which are surrounded by a border of copper, are of great delicacy and must have been very demanding to make. To the centre of the dial is a disc of metal-work consisting basically of a grey background against which are shown silver leaves. In the lower half of the dial gilded birds are seen with sprays of rushes to one side and foliage on the other. There are further sprays of flowers to the top corners.

On one side of the clock, two Japanese figures are standing in a lake flanked by bamboo. On the other side, two Japanese gentlemen are on a balcony with one of them using a telescope. The panels really are of the finest quality.

Height with/without handle - 7½” / 6" ( 19/ 16 cm.)

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